Thursday, October 22, 2015

My new androids games "The Rescue" and "Bouncy Blocks"

Try it! is FREE ;) Google play link - The Rescue thanks!

Take your spaceship and rescue all the people.It is all in your hand you are the last pilot finish the mission and rescue all survivors. This game has cutting edge graphics designed for your mobile device. Start out with the training mode or jump right in and begin rescuing survivors!

- One Touch Control
- Lots of fun
- Nice graphics
-Compete post high scores to online leaderboards

                           Google play link - Bouncy Blocks

 Move the ball and trying to collect coins while avoid as many falling blocks as possible. You will need fast reaction times to get a high score.

- Local hiscores - 5 scores will be displayed

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Low price PC games Steam , Origin , etc...

I share this link because I like buy and play games on PC, but buy at very low price  ;)...
Who want to have original game at low price go here GAMES AT LOW PRICE
I buy f.e.a.r.3 at 2$ and many more ,all ok and work on Steam or Origin...

Monday, March 16, 2015

Return Acer B1-730HD and B1-730 to factory default kitkat firmware with original flash tool for intel device!!!

Restore a bricked device and return the Acer B1-730HD and B1-730 to factory default kitkat firmware

First u must download this files :

                     1. Intel Phone Flash tool

                     2. Firmware B1-730HD 4.4

                     3.  Firmware B1-730 4.4 non HD version

Than install Phone Flash tool and decompress firmware zip file.

 Open phone flash tools go in "file", "option", "advanced" and turn on "Force using this GP flag"
 and press "OK"

Now click on "Browse" and go to directory where you decompress the firmware archive and open the
"flash.xml" file. Your tablet must be disconnectfrom pc and turned off!!!

Press "Start to flash"

Now connect the tablet to PC!!!

Wait 5 to 10 min.....

Device will reboot and start up enjoy on original factory firmware !!!
Now you are able to do OTA update...